Advocacy Messages

DAN’s vision is for sustainable peace, justice and reconciliation in Darfur, and the protection of those affected by the conflict, regardless of circumstance, from human rights abuse.

We aim to create positive change in the lives of people affected by the Darfur conflict. Our goals are as follows.

1. Darfuri people have a representative and effective voice in the peace process, leading towards sustainable peace and reconciliation in Darfur

Our contribution to achieving this goal will be to work towards the following outcomes:

1.1 There are stronger networks and greater opportunities for dialogue between members of the Darfur community in Australia, enabling them to develop a vision for peace in Darfur
1.2 The Darfur community in Australia have access to channels to pursue their vision for peace in Darfur
1.3 The voice of Darfuri people’s aspirations for peace are amplified in the media around the world

2. Internally displaced peoples and refugees from Darfur are effectively protected from violence and human rights abuse

Our contribution to achieving this goal will be to advocate and work towards the following outcomes:

2.1 The Australian Government takes concerted action through international diplomacy to promote the protection of Darfuri IDPs and refugees.
2.2 The Australian Government increases funding towards humanitarian assistance and protection in Darfur, commensurate with the humanitarian needs
2.3 The Australian public become actively engaged in the Darfur crisis and call on the Australian Government to take action
We work through strategic alliances, awareness raising, direct advocacy and supporting the Darfur community in Australia to build connections and have a voice.

For more on DAN’s advocacy and goals, contact us for a copy of our Strategic Plan 2011 - 2014.