Global Day for Darfur III - Rally

On the 15th September, DAN held a rally in Melbourne to commemorate Global Day for Darfur. Several hundred participants marched from Federation Square to the state library, led by a group of drummers and chanting.

Once at the State Library, speeches were given by Abdelhadi Matar (DAN Spokesperson and President of the Darfur Community Association of Darfur), Alpha Lisimba (DAN Vice President), Dylan Tromp (DAN Research Coordinator), Waffa Adam (an 11 year old girl from the Darfur Community in Melbourne) and Stephanie Cousins (President of the Darfur Australia Network).

A symbolic action was also held with all participants wearing red blindfolds for a two minute silence to remember the people of Darfur and to urge the world to not look away from Darfur. 




Photos by Kabir Dhanji