World Refugee Day

On 20th June 2007, World Refugee Day, The Darfur Australia Network in Sydney held a march to Make Noise for Darfur. Members of the Darfur community gathered with other concerned parties at Hyde Park. Hafiz Mansor, the president of the Darfur Community in Sydney called for the Australian government to contribute to the peace effort in Darfur in any way possible.

To the sound of traditional music and singing by Darfuri women, the group then marched through the CBD to the Prime Minister’s office. Here, a representative of the group attempted to personally hand a letter from the Darfur community to John Howard’s secretary, but were only permitted to deliver it to a guard. The group then proceeded to Circular Quay, congregating against the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge.

The march was intended to encourage Australia to pay greater attention to the ongoing crisis. Although attempts to deliver a letter to the government were hampered, the march succeeded in showing the public that the need for action in Darfur is immediate. The event also allowed the Darfuri people in Sydney to make their presence known as one of the newest and most vibrant elements of the Australian community.

Later in the afternoon, The Darfur Australia Network launched its Darfur Calling photo exhibition at Customs House.

Seminar at Customs House

On Thursday 28th June '07 the Darfur Australia Network in Sydney held a seminar at customs house near Circular Quay. Speakers included Jessue Nzenza-Kanhutu (Australia Red Cross), Noah Bassil (Macquarie University) and Hafiz Mansor (Darfur community leader).

Group Rally