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 Fact sheets about Darfur
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To arrange an interview with a member of DAN or the Darfur Community please call our office on 03 8060 5659 or email contact@darfuraustralia.org


DAN in the News

  • Revolutionary Front Leaders Welcome AU decisions on Sudan: https://www.radiodabanga.org/node/80395 
  • Life Matters, ABC Radio National: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/lifematters/stories/2011/3246449.htm
  • 774 Conversation Hour with John Fain: http://tunein.com/tuner/?ProgramId=180054&TopicId=35274694&
  • Why Libya and not Darfur? It's time the UN stepped in
    Available here
  • Waging war against aspirations for peace in Dafur
    Available here
  • Hitting Peace Drums - Parramatta Sun, 16th September 2010
    Available here
  • Cameras help Melbourne's Sudanese Children - The Age, 19th January 2009
    Available here.
  • Sudan's president indicted by International Criminal Court, Law Report (ABC Radio National), 22 July 2008
    Alpha Lisimba and Matthew Phillips speak with Damien Carrick from the Law Report about the move by the International Criminal Court. Read the transcript here.
  • Bloodshed continues in Darfur, Lateline, 12th June 2008
    Alpha Lisimba speaks with Conor Duffy about the continued violence in Darfur. Read the transcript or watch the video here.
  • Interview with DAN Sydney Coordinator, Gillian Cook
    Gillian Cook speaks with Career FAQs about working with DAN, Read the article here.
  • A handful find a refuge from horror
    Gillian Cook speaks to several Darfuri's who have made it from the horror of war to the safety of Sydney. Read the article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Hearld.here. View the multimedia presentation here.


  • Justice poses its own dangers - The Age, 16th July 2008
    An opinion piece by Matthew Phillips and Sarah Hellings on the recent ICC arrest warrent. Available here.
  • Australia is Failing the People of Darfur - The Age, 20th June 2008
    An opinion piece by Sarah Hellings (Darfur Australia Network) and Dr Alex Bellamy (Asia-Pacific Centre for Responsibility to Protect). Available here.
  • China's role in Darfur Deadly - The Canberra Times, 6th May 2008
    Alpha Lisimba writes about China's role in the Darfur conflict. Availablehere.
  • Our aid to Darfur not all it could be - The Canberra Times, 6th August 2007
    Jen Ward and Matthew Phillips write about Australia's contribution to Darfur.

DAN Press Releases

  • Sudanese Government Incites Violence Against Darfuris in Libya, 4th March 2011. Available here.
  • Unhappy Anniversary, 28th July 2008. Available here.
  • Australia's "positive first step" in Darfur, 30th March 2008. Available here.

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  • "Far To Here" press kit. Available here.